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Zapier + Pivotal: Is It Really No-code?

This post talks about how we use Zapier to automate some steps of the Pivotal Tracker workflow. Because of the limited actions supported by Zapier, we end up using Python code and call Pivotal REST API for posting comments.

How to Set up a Free Static Site Server with Custom Domain Emails

This post talks about how I set up a HTTP server for my wife's personal site with custom domain emails. The stack I use is AWS EC2 + Apache + Cloudflare + UptimeRobot + Zoho.

Salesforce Regex for Emojis

How to prevent user typing emojis into a Salesforce text field

A Mac Shortcut that Helps My Focus Immensely

Use the shortcut to focus on the current app and hide ALL others.

Display Github PR Number of Your Current Branch

Show the PR number of your current branch

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