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Accessibility Comparison: Listbox vs. Menu

When you press the Space key, what should happen to an accessible listbox or menu? I was often confused by these two widgets. So I decided to write about them.

Comparing Slack OAuth API V1 vs. V2

When building a slack bot, the most tricky part is dealing with Slack OAuth APIs. I write this post to compare the Slack API, including the URLs and JSON responses, Newbie Slack app devs can use this post as a reference.

Breaking down Goals Is Painful

Breaking down goal is like doing mental push-ups! What do we tell ourselves when we feel like quitting.

Zapier + Pivotal: Is It Really No-code?

This post talks about how we use Zapier to automate some steps of the Pivotal Tracker workflow. Because of the limited actions supported by Zapier, we end up using Python code and call Pivotal REST API for posting comments.

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